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If you have a relative detained by immigration authorities in Laredo, Texas and you do not know what to do, call us immediately. Attorney Norberto Cardenas III is located in Laredo, Texas, just a few minutes from various immigration detention centers, and from four international bridges. Attorney Cardenas is prepared to assist your loved one with all the deportation defense process – direct consultations in the detention center, bail petitions, hearings before the immigration judge, political asylum petitions, defense of Legal Permanent Residents in the process of losing their residency because of a crime, asylum interviews, deportation cancellation, humanitarian admissions, and other issues related to a detention by the immigration authorities of the United States of America.


In addition to handling Immigration matters, Attorney Cardenas is also able to handle criminal defense matters. Having served as an Assistant Prosecutor for Webb County, Texas for over two years, Attorney Cardenas handled the prosecution of felony jury trials in the area of felony sex crimes. Attorney Cardenas has also successfully handled criminal appeals before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Attorney Cardenas has also successfully handled employment discrimination matters, divorces, and business ownership disputes.

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